Demir Demirkan

”In the quest for “the ultimate guitar sound” the most neglected element is the strings. Pitbull Strings completes that for me, perfectly. Thank you for the sound and reliability!”

Junior Braguinha

”Pitbull Strings  are the best strings I’ve ever played.”


Kayıtlarda ve sahnede severek kullanıyorum.

Loiada Liuzzi

”What I love most about Pitbull is that it has an amazing sound and durability.”

İsmail Soyberk

”Sahnede, kayıtlarda çok uzun suredir kullanıyorum, doğru ses veren, kaliteli teller”

Giane Rangel

”What I like most about Pitbull Strings is the incredible durability and powerful tone that is offered to me. My favorite strings ever! ”

Guy Bernfeld

“Great sound, well balanced and easy to play. You can’t go wrong with Pitbull strings!”

Mary N

”Pitbull’s strings are great for a variety of musical settings thanks to their well-balanced tone.”

Martin Gudics

‘’The pitbullstrings is the Best choice for every bassplayer! Great tone, Awesome comfort, long life length. The sound bites like a pitbull! ‘’

Loris Tils

“Warm, Rich & Powerful Tone, very well balanced ! Pitbull Strings are simply the best”


“You can’t go wrong with Pitbull Strings.”

Rodrigo Gouveia

”Durability and Tone is here ”


Pitbull’s strings are great for a variety of musical settings thanks to their well-balanced tone.”

Rie A.K.A Suzaku

”Pitbull Strings is bright and vivid.And the sound separation is good and the sound is smooth.I also like the tension of the strings.”

Duca Tambasco

”The beginnings of metallurgy took place in Turkey and since then they are skilled at handling metal. this traditional and historical knowledge translates into one of the best strings I’ve ever used.”

Mike Gotthard

”Strings made by Pitbull Strings are the best guitar strings I played on.
Always amazing bright sound, easy playability and they’re super easy to bend them.”

Red Frandany

”Pitbull Strings, better feel , better tone, better playing , and the most important, long tasting”

Arash Eyvazi

”Pitbull strings are ideal for a better feel and a better playing.”

Amir Danaei

”Pitbull Strings are the best strings I have ever played!”

Juna Serita

”Pitbull Strings always make it right !!”

Eliezer Diaz

”I enjoy Playing Pitbull Strings everyday, because it gives me a lot of durability and versatility in the tone it has.”

Yuki Atori

‘’Pitbull Strings has a tension that is not too hard, and gives a supple, straight, and natural vibration.’’

Elenora Daolio

“Pitbull Strings are the most comfortable and sensitive strings I ever tried”

Samet Kılıç

”Tansiyonu çok konforlu ve dengeli, ayrıca uzun süre entonasyonu bozulmuyor.”

Serhat Yılmaz

“Pitbull tellerini çalarken çok konforlu hissediyorum, uzun süre dayanması da benim için çok önemli.”

Serkan Çevik
Aytun Gelgin
Alper Kayman

”Gold Seri 10-52 set kullanıyorum. Sarımlı teller daha hacimli, tiz taraf ise daha konforlu.”

Masae Aoki

“The sound is clear so it is very easy to use, I recommend Pitbull Strings “

Mickael Guerrero

“Pitbull Strings never deceive me. Whenever I grab my electric guitar is to find robust, brilliant sounding strings ready for action. Live or studio-wise, Pitbull Strings always fit my expectations.”

Doğukan Aydın

”I especially like that the Pitbull Strings are long-lasting and do not rust easily, and the tones of the strings have a warm and bright tone.”

Juliana Wilson

“The first time I tried pitbull strings I felt no difference between other famous string brands. You can really feel it in sound and by touch. Definitely recommended!”

Fernando Petry

“Pitbull Strings offers a bright tone with punch and a smooth touch.”

Sezin Ahmet Türkmenoğlu
Carolina Barba

”Pitbull strings are by far one of the best choices I’ve ever made! They have good quality strings as other prestige brands!”

Semih Burcu
Barış Şanlısoy
Begül Erhan

”Pitbull Strings has every feature I look for in a quality classical guitar string; amazing sustain in bass and treble, stable tuning and long life.”

Tiago Moraes
Chris Brazier

”Pitbull Strings keep my sound consistent from stage to studio, I know my tone will be great!”


”I play a wide range of genres, from Jazz to Disco to Rock,and these strings are going to be a great partner for me,as they can handle a variety of musical genres!”

Fethi Okutan

‘’My favorite feature of Pitbull Strings is the balance of brightness that I find compatible with the instrument I use and my musical taste.’’

Helen Zamudio

”I love Pitbull Strings because they are long lasting and because they have the tone and feel I was looking for!”

Brent Ker

”I’ve been using them both in the studio as well as live, and there is just no going back for me. I really love these strings!”

Akos Forgacs

‘’I have tried out many strings over the years, but I just couldn’t find the perfect one for my needs. After trying out Pitbull Strings I knew my search was over. These strings feel and sound great, just what I was looking for!’’

Tuğrul Metin
Ferhat Hasanoğlu
Zafer Şanlı

‘’Uzun ömürlü ve doğru ses veren teller olduğu için, Pitbull Strings kullanıyorum, ayrıca Türk markası olması benim için çok önemli. ’’

Batuhan Karatay

”Frekans aralığının oldukça dengeli, kullanım süresinin de uzun olması önem verdiğim özelliklerden.”

Cristian Velasquez

”The Pitbull Strings is synonymous with excellence.”

Cem Çatık
Cenk Turanlı
Mateus Yokote

”High quality of the strings, balanced tones, great intonation and the bright and precise tone. This is Pitbull!”

Jorge Potalej

‘’I feel honored and happy to use Pitbull Strings. The sound I’ve always thought are on these strings.’’

Umut Mutku
Yuki Inoue

“I love Pitbull Strings for their great sound and feel. the best strings I’ve ever played.”

Ehsan Imani

”Besides Pitbull strings’ great quality, what I love about them is their strings’ tone and playability. Simply lovely!”

Halil Çağlar Serin
Lucas Abreu
Namık Ataman

”Strong, dynamic and pure clear tone. absolutely fantastic.”

Ali Öncü Geyik
Ömercan Özüaydın

”Kayıtlarda ve sahnelerde parlak ton,nefis entonasyon ve güçlü sound.”

Jackson Silva
Brandon Florich